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100cm x 120cm x 5cm


Oil and spray paint on canvas.


Framed in white wood floating frame.


SKU: 0013
  • The inspiration for this series derived from textiles. I placed my camera directly on to the fabric then took the picture, the results were luminous abstracted colourfields. I diluted the paint and applied it in thin layers in pursuit of capturing the light in the photographs. Experimenting with the mediums opacity in order to convey their subtlety and to allow previous layers to be seen. I work intuitively, responding to the painting as it emerges. In this series the paint evoked landscapes: the northern lights, seascapes, reflections in water. The process is immersive, playful and medatative, I know the work is complete when I experience a sense of stillness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The act of placing the camera directly onto the fabric is significant, the act of looking closely, studying and inspecting, honouring by seeing, i see you, you are important to me. It suggest connection, wanting the viewer to spend time with the work.  My hope for the work is that the viewer enjoys looking at it, that they want to stare at it for long enough to evoke emotion, a memory, a story, long enough to ponder or impose narrative.