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13cm x 18cm x 2.5cm


Oil and spray paint on wooden panel


Comes ready to hang

Letting The Light In

SKU: 0089
  • This series of small paintings pays homage to some of my favourite artists and, it celebrates the joy of learning.  Coming back to this practice later in life has been such a source of joy.  I realise how much I have to learn and that excites me.  I started by looking, taking fragmented close ups of the areas of painting I love most ie; Hodgkin, Bowling, Richter, Rothko, Klein, Kline, Verdier, in attempt to study the exact nature of their work.  I am drawn to abstract expressionists because they capture in paint the essence of a situation in its most concise form. 

    Howard Hodgkin said an art teacher once pointed out to him ‘you know when somebody buys a picture by Cezanne they don’t buy a picture of Mont Ste Victoire or Madanne Cezanne or whatever, they buy a Cezanne'                                                                                                                              I also want to create contrast and tension between the larger works. The purpose of this is to emphasise acceptance of all parts of us. The fragments here are all vital, there is no wrong and no right.

    These tiny works are also the same size as a page in my diary. A snap shot in time.


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